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IVR Deflector

Deliver a memorable experience to customers by forwarding the phone call directly to your WhatsApp for additional comfort.

The IVR Deflector solution allows the customer to choose and switch from the telephone channel to the WhatsApp channel for a faster, more interactive and efficient resolution of their request. Improve your customers’ experience by avoiding wait times and switching to the customers’ preferred channel

IVR Deflector



  • Call deflector
  • API integration to the customer’s telephone IVR
  • Integration with the CX Platform and other external platforms
  • WhatsApp Templates

IVR Deflector


We know that phone calls can be cumbersome, so give your customers the option to refer their request
directly to your WhatsApp, thus reducing the percentage of calls and waiting time by automating messages.

Integrations with your CRM through APIs

Easily connect our platform with your CRM to unify processes with our API

Optimize your executives productivity

By reducing the number of calls, your executives will be able to focus on procedures that require more attention.

Simple and fast implementation

Get the platform up and running sooner than ever! Our user-friendly interface helps for a smoother and simplified implementation.

Indicators and metrics dashboard for reporting

Make decisions based on data, be data-driven. Download all types of reports and optimize your business strategy.

IVR Deflector

Impact and Metrics

Improve customer experience and satisfaction

Double your consultants productivity

Reduce Customer Service operations and time