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Customer Assistance & CX


Assist your customers once they are on-site at your your store or shopping mall through WhatsApp.
Serve them in a personalized way and provide an exceptional and memorable experience.



Assists all customers who are on-site at your store via WhatsApp:

  • Send catalogs according to customer requirements 
  • Send personalized discounts and last-minute offers
  • Provide internal support and store, retailer or product information. 
  • Connect your customers with specialized and remote consultants for specific brands or products. 
  • Send opportunity marketing offers 
  • Support your customers throughout the on-site purchase process



A personalized, practical and prompt assistance is the experiencedesired by all consumers when they visit a store.
Don’t let this solution go unnoticed and see the changes in your business.

Serve all your on-site customers via WhatsApp

Don’t leave customers unattended! Provide innovative service in your business.

Deliver a memorable in-store experience

The user experience inside the store is essential to build loyalty, retain and attract new customers.

Simple and fast implementation

Get the platform up and running sooner than ever! Our user-friendly interface helps for a smoother and simplified implementation.

Indicators and metrics dashboard for reporting

Make decisions based on data, be data-driven. Download all types of reports and optimize your business strategy.


Impact and Metrics

Improve customer experience and satisfaction

Double your consultants productivity

Reduce Customer Service operations and time