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Customer Assistance & CX

Digital VIP Concierge

Welcome aboard for the best experience. Allow your clients to have a concierge in the palm of their hand whenever they want.
Facilitate interaction with travelers and customers within your resort, cruise ship, golf club or country club. 

With this platform your customers will feel better assisted in managing inquiries, orders and any type of information they require.


Digital VIP Concierge


Allow your customers:

  • Request information
  • Place orders to their rooms or cabins
  • Make frequently asked questions
  • Receive alerts
  • Manage requests

Digital VIP Concierge


Make your customers happy and improve the experience by allowing them to self-manage and streamline their operations. You will be able to reduce costs and time in Customer Service operations

Integrations with your CRM through APIs

Easily connect our platform with your CRM to unify processes with our API

Enable customer self-management

Enable your customers to self-manage in order to reduce operational costs and deliver an innovative, nimble and attractive experience.

Simple and fast implementation

Get the platform up and running sooner than ever! Our user-friendly interface helps for a smoother and simplified implementation.

Indicators and metrics dashboard for reporting

Make decisions based on data, be data-driven. Download all types of reports and optimize your business strategy.

Digital VIP Concierge

Impact and Metrics

Improve customer experience and satisfaction

Double your consultants productivity

Reduce Customer Service operations and time