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Conversational commerce, how does it help my company?

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The arrival of e-commerce has forced consumers to strengthen their relationship with the digital world and has given them access to a wide range of new purchasing opportunities that would have been unthinkable decades ago. However, the same problem still remains, but now on a new platform: how to build trust? how to assertively communicate with customers? Conversational commerce is positioning itself as the longed-for solution.

People need to trust in order to establish close relationships. And when we buy even more, we need to know that the product or service will meet our expectations without giving us a hard time. 

Before the health emergency caused by COVID-19, our relationship with companies was, to a large extent, face-to-face. We went to stores, compared products, checked textures, quality, among other aspects depending on the product we were going to buy.

And we experienced everything instantly. With the restrictions on movement and the closure of many areas of commerce, we had to learn to relate with our favorite brands through the Internet, which has been a great challenge for both customers and companies. 

One of the biggest challenges has been to maintain the bonds of trust with the companies that had already been formed and to maintain interest in a certain product in a much wider competition that offers hundreds of alternatives just a click away.

How do you maintain the trust and attention of customers in your company on these new platforms?

How can you generate close and long-term relationships?

Conversational commerce is the strategy that will help you maintain and boost your online sales.

Now, what is conversational commerce?

In simple words, it is to establish a direct, reliable and fluid communication between companies and their customers, through instant digital messages on the most popular messaging platforms such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, iMessage, Viber, among others.

This concept was first used in 2016 and in these few years has become a crucial strategy to increase sales and customer loyalty in e-commerce. It adds value to the shopping experience and gives a much more human and warm touch to the transaction, which is undoubtedly one of the most noticeable differences between digital and face-to-face sales.

How else can it benefit your company?

You can deliver personalized attention according to the customer’s search, give support quickly, offer product recommendations and give the possibility to buy without leaving the conversation in the messaging application. 

Conversational commerce can secure the future of sales. That’s how clear the picture is for companies that are in the digital environment and that take advantage of the new advances in the areas of communication and commerce that the Internet offers for their industries.