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Bot Manager & ITR Designer

Assist your customers with the OneMarketer Smart Bot and improve their experience on your website. Convert your visits into leads and generate sales opportunities. Design the service experience quickly and simply.


Bot Manager & ITR Designer


Why a Bot?

  • Enable real-time, natural language multichannel interaction with customers, without human intervention
  • Boost sales growth and improve communication with customers
  • Provide customized and massive service to both internal and external customers.
  • Cut down waiting time and increase customer retention rate
  • Double productivity of executives
  • Enable integrations to customer services, website, social media and CRMs

Bot Manager & ITR Designer


We know that phone calls can be cumbersome, so give your customers the option to refer their request
directly to your WhatsApp, thus reducing the percentage of calls and waiting time by automating messages.

Adapt the bot to your company. Just as you need it!

We optimize the bot to fit the specific needs of your business and the market.

Integrate the bot with your CRM, Website and Social Media

Offer multiple contact channels to your customers

Bot evolutivo y escalable

Optimizaciones frecuentes que potencian el uso de tu bot y mejoran resultados

Simple and fast implementation

Get the platform up and running sooner than ever! Our user-friendly interface helps for a smoother and simplified implementation.

Bot Manager & ITR Designer

Impact and Metrics

Improve customer experience and satisfaction

Double consultants productivity

Reduce Customer Service operations and time