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Social Networks: an effective sales channel for your company

Internet sales are here to stay. They are fast, can be made from anywhere in the world and are increasingly reliable. At the same time, Social Networks have positioned themselves as an effective and efficient sales channel, and it is clear that these are platforms where people spend many hours a day, sharing part of their lives and now, finding what they are looking to buy.

The emergence of social networks has profoundly transformed the way in which we relate to our environment. There are countless situations that we can solve through the use of the Internet: buying food, communicating with our loved ones, studying, working, informing ourselves, entertaining ourselves, among many others.

Today, talking about Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tiktok or Whatsapp, to mention a few, is to speak in a language familiar to many. What do people do there most of the day? They analyze, observe, approve and reject information. And these platforms learn, and a lot, and deliver more and more information, increasing people’s interaction with their networks. 

There are many companies that have understood how they work and have taken advantage from their competition by listening to what people want and delivering it to them. Hence their success. 

On the other hand, there are companies that do not yet have a digital presence, and that, according to the way advertising and communications have been advancing in recent years, have only two options: join the organizations that make the most of the Internet or are doomed to disappear. 

According to the latest Cadem study “Chile to come” on the use of Social Networks by Chileans, Instagram has become the most used communication and purchasing channel for brands or ventures, especially in the new generations. 

Of all respondents, 43% stated that they had once purchased a product on Instagram after seeing an ad. While among the youngest, Generation Z, this number reaches 61%. Meanwhile, for Millenials, Facebook stands out as the Social Network to buy with 51%. Another interesting figure is the satisfaction with the product received, which in both cases exceeds 90%. What do they buy? Most opt for clothing, household items and beauty products, but the offers are very varied. 

Consumers prefer Social Networks for shopping and the benefits for companies are multiple: it gives them the possibility to create interactive spaces that bring consumers closer to brands and build trust. They can take advantage of all the information they gather from users’ profiles to reach their target audience, advertising in a much more efficient way.

Social Networks are already an effective sales channel for companies, that is a fact. The challenge for organizations today is to make people want to follow them and be attractive to customers in this sea of companies or celebrities that are also trying to capture people’s attention.