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OneCommerce, you e-commerce in WhatsApp. Case of success: L’Oreal

5 Benefits of implementing your ecommerce on WhatsApp with OneCommerceOneCommerce, you e-commerce in WhatsApp. Case of success: L’Oreal

Having your store online is a good strategy for businesses that want to reach a wider audience and offer a personalized and convenient experience to their customers but in this digital age, why limit yourself to a traditional e-commerce platform when with us and our OneCommerce solution you can boost your business to the next level?

Here are some of its features that may interest you:

  • B2B or B2C solution: you can respond to the commercial needs of your end users or intermediary channels.
  • 100% native on WhatsApp: no need to leave the environment during the entire customer journey.
  • Automated and fast management: set up a Bot that allows you to respond to every step, in a fluid or intuitive way.
  • Visibility and selection of your catalog: display your available stock with its commercial and technical information and the multimedia support you determine.
  • Multiple payment options: integrate it with the most popular payment gateways to increase your ability to reach more customers.

Learn about the case of L’Oréal:

Creating an e-commerce on WhatsApp has multiple advantages, but creating it with OneCommerce has even more. Here we share with you the main ones:

Cost reduction: Using WhatsApp as an ecommerce platform can reduce marketing and advertising costs, since not so many resources are needed to reach customers.

Build customer loyalty: By offering more personalized and direct customer service, you can increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Increase sales: By allowing your customers to make purchases directly through WhatsApp, you can increase sales and conversions.

Facilitate payment: We create easy integrations with payment platforms, making the payment process fast and seamless for customers.

Improve operational efficiency: By having an additional sales channel, you reduce the time it takes to process a sale.

Nowadays more and more companies are joining this modality. Don’t be left out! If you want to know more about this or other solutions write to