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How does omnichannel impact business?

The way in which we communicate has been changing for decades, new tools or channels are constantly emerging and are gradually becoming more relevant in the daily lives of many people until they become fundamental. 

Consumers are becoming more demanding both in their products and services as well as in their customer service channels with companies, as they want immediacy and promptness in the response to their queries and/or complaints. 

Thus, companies must generate alternative channels through digital media to offer contact service to their customers and thus achieve customer loyalty. 

A few years ago the word Omnichannel began to have a presence in large companies and today it is present in many digital, business and marketing strategies in any type of industry (Retail, Telecommunications, Financial Services, Travel and Tourism, among others). 

But… What is omnichannel? 

While multichanneling consists of the presence of companies in different channels, physical and/or digital, to communicate with their customers, omnichanneling seeks a unified interaction of the different channels. 

The objective of this strategy is to maintain a communication that adjusts to the most convenient medium for the consumer, but that maintains the same experience in all spaces.

To achieve an omnichannel strategy, it is necessary to provide a cohesive experience at every customer touch point, regardless of the channel chosen.

The idea of omnichannel is also to create a pleasant, friendly, close and especially efficient user experience. 


What are the advantages of omnichannel?

  • Increases team productivity and efficiency: enables efficient distribution of contacts according to each executive’s specialization
  • Increase your sales: it allows you to be present throughout the entire commercial journey and deliver appropriate messages in each case. You will have more chances to detect sales opportunities and increase your conversions.
  • Improve the customer experience: make your customers happy by offering multiple contact channels and unifying them.
  • Increase brand loyalty: make them choose you again by serving your customers at all times and in a simple way, always being available.
  • Save time and reduce repetitive tasks: through automation, simple and frequent queries can be answered in an agile manner.
  • Improve support and customer service: reduce call saturation and channels queries in different media to deliver a quick response.
  • Improve branding and brand reputation: it all comes down to offering memorable experiences that build loyalty and improve branding to attract future leads.

 Start unifying your channels

In order to have an omnichannel presence, a marketing strategy must be designed in which all channels are homogeneous, without differences in the way they are managed, and all areas of the organization must work in a transversal and joint way to achieve unification in this sense. 

The company’s tone and voice decisions must be aligned with the corporate culture and must be present at all points of contact to convey the same image. 

The most important thing to remember is to improve the customer experience and maintain consistent communication.

Having an omni-channel marketing strategy is no longer just an advantage in the market, it is a necessity in today’s market, especially for those businesses with a strong digital presence in the long run can bring a variety of benefits to your product/service.

If you want to experience an improved customer experience through an omnichannel strategy, try OneMarketer.

With a single click you can have everything you need to serve your customers, measure and understand their behavior and provide quick responses to ensure an excellent customer service experience.

With these tools, in addition to guaranteeing memorable experiences, you will be able to:

Increase conversions.

  • Deliver immediate answers.
  • Obtain data about transactions and queries for decision making.
  • Improve customer experience
  • Meet the demand for messages on all platforms where you are present (Web, eCommerce, Instagram, Facebook or WhatsApp).
  • Have a seamless conversation with users.
  • Effectively follow up on each contact.

Get in touch with a OneMarketer expert and start growing 🚀.