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Receiving Payments by WhatsApp increases sales by up to 30%.

The online payment solution developed by OneMarketer creates a new sales channel, increases revenue and brings business processes closer to an application widely used by customers.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the use of social networks increased by 99%, while WhatsApp increased by 175% during the same period. This demonstrates the leadership that Facebook’s messaging application has when it comes to communicating, connecting with customers and which now opens up a new possibility for them to make payments securely, online and with a wide variety of payment methods.

New sales channel

Currently, most businesses conduct their transactions through a website, known as a marketplace. When users contact companies, in order to close the deal, they send them a link for the customer to pay on the same website, through a payment gateway. This process obviously leads to lost sales, because many times the customer has problems to visualize the page or loses interest. 

To improve online sales, OneMarketer developed an unprecedented payment system through WhatsApp. According to Max Celedón, CEO and founder of OneMarketer, this system “facilitates the collection of the company and increases sales by 30%, so enabling WhatsApp as a payment receiving channel and integrating it into commercial processes brings customers closer with a highly usable tool, generating great experiences with your brand and increasing your company’s sales.”

Increased sales through WhatsApp

In fact, OneMarketer innovated in the insurance market by implementing a solution for Sura that allowed users to pay the Mandatory Personal Accident Insurance (SOAP) through WhatsApp quickly (in less than 5 mins) and securely, increasing sales by 30% compared to the traditional channel. In addition, the system had a wide geographic coverage and 24×7 Chatbot customer service.

OneMarketer has more than 6 years of experience in the development of applications on social networks and is a pioneer in Chile in obtaining the WhatsApp Business Service Provider (BSP) certification. According to Rodrigo Díaz, Head of Growth, the WhatsApp payment solution has two modalities:

Manual payment solution: Allows a customer of a store or service company to receive a message and inquire about their balance or amount to be paid by receiving a payment button. In this case the experience is mixed: the contact starts on WhatsApp and then continues on a website. The main features are having an open client-agent conversation, being able to negotiate and agree.

Automatic payment solution: Allows the customer to manage purchases or payments in a 100% automated way through a chatbot. This experience is 100% on WhatsApp.